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Studio Spotlight: State of Play
Rick W
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Studio Spotlight: State of Play

BAFTA-winning developers State of Play took part in our inaugural Games Lab with their beautiful title, South of the Circle. Here are more projects from a studio known for making eye-catching animations and lovingly-crafted games.


In this prequel to Lumino City (see below), players meet inquisitive youngster Lumi. One day, she discovers that the power to her grandad’s house has failed. What’s more, he’s nowhere to be seen, but has left behind some intriguing clues. Solve perplexing paper puzzles to help restore the power through ingenious eco-technology, and uncover a deeper mystery behind the blackout.


KAMI, named after the Japanese word for paper, is deceptively simple. Players fold out coloured paper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible. Each tile was crafted using real paper, resulting in a beautiful aesthetic that maintains the feel of working with real paper. This carefully-made game will drop you into a state of calm as you attempt to complete each puzzle perfectly.

Lumino City

Lumino City is the BAFTA award-winning puzzle adventure game made entirely by hand using paper, card, wood, miniature lights and motors. Following the adventures in Lume, we discover Lumi’s grandfather has been kidnapped. To find him, Lumi must explore the city, figure out the mechanisms that power it and uncover the mysterious secrets of the city.

South of the Circle

South of the Circle is a narrative adventure telling the story of Peter, a Cambridge academic who finds himself fighting for survival in Antarctica during the 1960’s Cold War. Peter flashes back to his life at the university and his relationship with a fellow lecturer, Clara. As the he battles against the harsh conditions and tries to escape, the past and the present begin to blur. 


This is pinball for the new generation. INKS deconstructs your objective into over a hundred unique, tactical challenges. Burst your way through each canvas as you attempt to win without losing the golden ball whilst layers of ink record a visual history of your progress. Complete the level in the fewest number of hits possible to obtain the ultimate goal – the coveted star ball.

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